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Umbrella Corporation
Company Motto & Slogan
History of Umbrella Inc. FORMATION
History of Umbrella Inc. DECLINE AND COLLAPSE
Umbrella in the 'Evil Company' Archetype
Company Motto & Slogan
Manufactured Firearms
Paramilitary units
Other uses of the term "umbrella corporation"
Umbrella Corporation in other media

Company Motto & Slogan

* In Resident Evil Zero, the Umbrella's 'employee pledge' is stated as being "Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life". It is unknown if this is the motto for the public or if it is used purely within the company, due to its ominous sound.

* In the 2002 film Resident Evil, Umbrella's slogan is "Umbrella Sheltering Your Family".

* In the 2004 film Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Umbrella's slogan is "Our Business is Life Itself."

Umbrella Corporation